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The dangers are not over when the fire goes out. Your home’s foundation may have been weakened, the electrical system may have shorted out, and burning may have left behind things that could make you sick. Many fire-damaged items, such as wallboard and mattresses, will hold soot and contamination forever. When in doubt, throw it out. Don’t risk injury or infection.

You and your family have been through a disaster. Your life has been turned upside down, and it will take time for things to return to normal with all the fire cleanup and repair jobs awaiting you. A disaster can do damage beyond the apparent destruction and debris you see everywhere. You should recognize that the fire can take its toll on you as well as your property. You need to look after yourself and your family as you focus on the distinct tasks of fire cleanup and recovery.


Smoke Damage Repair

When extinguishing a fire, firefighters can cause water damage in addition to the smoke and fire damage already present in your home. We start by removing any standing water left behind and use our specialized procedures to restore any damage to flooring, walls, and carpets. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will also need to be inspected. Our decontamination services work to remove any smoke and soot for a meticulously deep clean. We services the greater Waimalu Hawaii area.

What to Expect after Fire & Smoke Damage

Property Assessment

Emergency Repairs to
secure your property

Water Extraction and Drying

Soot Removal and Cleaning
of structure & contents

Deodorization and Odor Removal

Reconstruction and Repairs


Fire Damage Cleanup

Non-salvageable saturated and burned elements need removal from the fire damage scene. Then we completely dry out everything else. Dehumidifiers and other drying apparatuses eliminate moisture that increases all related odors. Each fire damaged surface requires cleaning with specialized cleaners such as degreasers, soot erasers, and wood restoration disinfectants.

This meticulous cleansing is the key to countering the spread of contaminants and eliminating the unpleasant odors from the smoke damage and makes the fire damage restoration process flawless where it doesn’t have to be done a second time. We services the greater Waimalu Hawaii area.

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Even a small and contained fire at your home can have devastating effects on your ability to function normally. Fire and smoke can cause both cosmetic and architectural damage. Fires can cause extensive downtime to your personal life. Extended stays in hotels can add up quickly, and you need your home repaired quickly. All of our specialists are the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-certified.

Fire damage can be challenging to deal with, and you must work with a company that has a solid plan to deal with the residual damage caused by fire. Our restoration method includes eliminating the horrible smoke odors. To remove the origin of the smells, we use a combination of sanitation products, hot thermal fogs, smoke removal products, ozone purifiers, and odor counteractants. We provide fire restoration services that include structural damage evaluation, emergency coverings, structural bracing, removal of soot and smoke deposits, disinfection of all surfaces, water, and chemical removal, demolition, and debris removal, and restoration.

Fire and smoke immediately destroy property to unlike any other natural disaster can. It can put the architectural safety of your home at risk and destroy documents, pictures, and other valuable items. Besides the difficulty of having to deal with the result of a property fire, there is also a profoundly stressful aspect of the recovery process.

Whether the fire is insignificant or exclusive to one room, it can jeopardize the structural integrity of the entire property. Heat can render canned or packaged foods unfit for consumption, and smoke may be permanently set into clothing with inappropriate sanitation. Even simple actions inside the location may cause soot particles to become deposited into drywall, carpets, and other porous surfaces. This is where our fire restoration process comes in. Our extensive restoration methods reduce costs and recovery time.

When disaster strikes, we provide professional restoration services. Our agents specialize in a wide variety of methods and procedures devised to help restore your home to its original state. Our dedication to this industry means we will go above and beyond to help you achieve the results you are searching for. We will perform your restoration services with the professionalism and attentiveness you deserve.

We outfit each project with an organization of highly qualified staff members capable of producing reliable tactics that generate quality results tailored to the needs of our clients. Years of experience have permitted us to perform a wide variety of restoration procedures of different size and complexity using peculiar skillsets and resources.
Using qualified specialists, quality processes, and experienced project managers, we can work on almost any project we are presented with. We have your needs in mind throughout each part of our procedure.

It’s not always easy to find an extraordinary, one-stop-shop restoration company. In addition to comprehensive fire damage restoration, mold removal, and water damage restoration, we can help with filing your insurance claims. We services the greater Waimalu Hawaii area.

Fire Damage Repair Tips:


If your home experienced significant fire damage, you need a specialized company for this type of cleanup. A lack of proper cleanup and restoration could make matters worse, increase damage to your home, or put your health at risk.


Limit your movement in your home. Limited mobility helps prevent the soot particles from embedding your carpets and upholstery.


If weather permits, open windows for ventilation.


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